Welcome to RLUG

Thu Feb 3, 04:54 PM

What is RLUG?

A social place for Linux (and other Unix) users who live in the Reno, NV area. We hold monthly meetings and other social events while providing a friendly environment for Linux support.


To provide a social event for Linux geeks to interact with other Linux geeks.


Anyone interested in Linux (or other Unix platforms).

RLUG Meetings

RLUG meetings have a casual feel. It is a social event and usually doesn’t follow a strict format. Typically, a meeting will consist of chatting, introductions by all present, things in the news, a presentation on a specific topic, questions and discussion, more chatting, and then heading to a restaurant for food/beer/conversations on any and every topic.


RLUG meetings usually happen on the second Thursday of every month, at 6PM (sometimes meetings will occur on other days of the week to accommodate different schedules.)

All meetings and other events should be posted on the RLUG Google calendar


The RLUG meetings take place at Great Basin Internet Services 241 Ridge St, Suite 340

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Mailing List

RLUG has a fairly active mailing list. Join us and ask questions, answer questions, engage in friendly debates, and see what we’re planning for the next meeting.

RenoLUG on Google Groups

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